5 Things I like about school career fairs!

As part of my job, I travel to lot of School Career Fairs not only in India but also overseas to represent my organisation and over the years I have come to love my visit to each one of them, each school has its unique way of organising these fairs but there are a few things which remain common across all school career fairs and the way they are organised.  

Here are the 5 things, I love the most about representing my organisation at school career fairs;

1. Get to experience new places, customs and hospitality

I have travelled to lot of different places for school career fairs overseas, places such as Bahrain, Muscat, Dubai, Dammam-Saudi Arabia and at each of these places I have had experiences which have made me a better person in life. simple things like how do you initiate a conversation with people of different nationalities, how do you represent yourself and your institution, they all teach you so much about life.


         Above Picture is of me at a School Career Fair in Indian School Al Ghubra-Muscat

2. Love chatting with kids at school- It’s like going back in time

This is the part I enjoy the most-talking with kids in school, they are so full of energy, potential and dreams that suddenly it is like that you travel back in time to your own school days, you know, the days you were in Class 9th or 10th and nothing seemed impossible, you could dream of anything and it was not out of your reach.It refreshes me just to talk to them.


Above is my picture with Akash a student of Class XI at Indian School Al Ghubra, Muscat. Akash wants to be a Nuclear Engineer when he grows up, had a really great time interacting with him. 

3. Love talking to Parents 

If the students are the one with dreams in their eyes, their parents have got the job of being practical and finding out the best for their kids, they are full of questions about career choices that their kids can take up, what will be the growth potential, what kind of salaries can they expect and so on, the idea of their anxieties can be judged by a simple fact, that, I have got parents of students still studying in class 6th coming up to me for advice. Just goes to show their dedication towards the success of their children.

4. Love to find out more about education sector from all over the world-Network

At most of these overseas fair, you get an opportunity to interact with not only the students but also education providers from around the world all under one roof, just for e.g.- the last fair, I was at in ISG-Muscat, I had a great talk with representatives of Universities from Canada and Australia on how higher education was provided for in their respective countries and what drives students for the graduate and post graduate programs in their countries. It was a tremendous conversation, which could have never happened were we not at that venue.


Above is the picture of the Career Fair hall at Indian School, Al Ghubra-Muscat

5. Love the honour of being the face of my organisation

This is one of the thing I love the most, the pride of being the face of my organisation, being the first person to take my organisation to new places and people, get to talk about the values that we represent and the traditions that we uphold. That to my mind is the high point of these wonderful school career fairs.

For those of my friends who may not be aware-I am currently working with Apeejay Stya University as International Marketing Manager. Prior to Apeejay, I have worked with organisations like IMT-Ghaziabad, IMT-Dubai, Satyam Computers, HT Media and Windchimes Communications.

Thank you for your time.


Ankur Vohra


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