My Time in Nigeria!



I got an opportunity to visit Nigeria lately, following are the five things I learnt about the country and its people;

1. Nigerians love and respect Indians. Perhaps this was one of the few countries I have visited where people actually look up to Indians and welcome them with open arms.

2. Really nice and down to earth people. Now, I know, we get to hear lot of stuff about Nigerians for all the wrong reasons but trust me once you meet them you will have a change of opinion, they are really good people with a heart of gold. Always ready to help and a smile on their face.

3. If you are a vegetarian, you will face a issue and will have to survive on noodles. The only option in food generally available are Chicken or Beef.

4. They value education-Just like Indian parents, Nigerians too have started to realise value of education and are ready to do anything for their child to be given a good education.

5. You will have a tough time finding fresh flowers in Nigeria. We tried it but just could not find one.

Thank you Nigeria for the amazing hospitality and memories.




4 thoughts on “My Time in Nigeria!

  1. Good to know that you keep on gathering different experiences and the best part is that you always pen it down and share with us after visiting different nationalities.

    1. Thank you Gaurav for taking time out to read and yes, writing down my experiences has become a kind of habit for me now, comes naturally to me.Can’t do without it:-), Hope you are doing good!

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