When Money Does Not Work!

I need to travel a lot for my work and during these travels I have learned many of the important lessons in my life and one of them is that there are some situations in life where money or no incentive will work, what will work only is the inner goodness and values of people. It has happened more than once with me where I have needed crucial help from people around me with no incentive to give but still someone somewhere has gone that extra mile to help me out. Be it in Nigeria or Oman or even for that matter Zambia, what has won everywhere is Humanity and our inert goodness. Below are some of the people from my trip to Zambia who made my visit worth it.

1. Mr. Ben who owns a Car Hire Company in Kitwe(Zambia)


I will always remember your stories and the way in which you put a wide smile after a long trip and requested for a photo with me, just for the memories. Thank You.

2. David & Maria- My wonderful hotel staff from Protea Hotel, Lusaka


You got me veg food when there was none, went the extra mile to see I was having a comfortable stay and helped me in whatever way it was possible for you. Thank You.

3.Choolwe and Abel- my language translators!


You helped me whenever I got stuck with the language barrier in Zambia. The counselling session and learnings that we had for students were some of the best in my career. Thank You.

4. Robert- The Chef who made awesome veg curry!


Robert- With your veg curry, You saved at least 10 Kgs of me in Lusaka!:P Thank You!

And, my thank you is in place to all those other wonderful people who helped me throughout my travels over the last 3 weeks or so. Truly a learning and humbling experience for me.




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