Ayobhavan Sri Lanka!

I got a chance to travel to Colombo for work recently and was happy to find the tales of the beauty of Sri Lanka and the warmness of it’s people to be 100% correct. Colombo comes across as a beautiful old city, well kept, neat and clean with a vibrant culture preserved over the years.

The people are friendly,helpful, nice and gentle. The night life is awesome. One thing is for sure, Sri Lankans love Dance, Music and their beer. Lots of hangout places for the evening, not to miss is the morning walk on the Galle face beach road in the morning. I did not have time to visit other tourist hotspots outside of Colombo as I was on business but I am coming back for sure on holiday to this part of the world. Highly Recommended.

I had the pleasure of having the company of our Dean of Engineering Department Dr. Sarbjit Singh on this visit, a distinguished personality and a renowned scientist. Having achieved so much in life, yet, he is one of the most humble person that you would come across. A real gentleman and a Teacher, I learned so much from him during this trip.


Old Parliament Building on Galle Road, Colombo


Light House on Colombo Port


National Museum, Colombo


Independence Square, Colombo



Lake Temple, Colombo


Galle Beach Road, Colombo

There are many people that I would never forget like the monk at the Gangaramaya temple, the Tuk Tuk drivers and their interesting hand gestures for inviting us to night clubs, our taxi drivers. Such nice and friendly people that I forgot for a moment that this is a country just coming out of war. Ohh..and not to miss also are small small Buddha statutes lining up beautifully on round about and city squares.




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