A Magical Place called Mauritius!

Yes, it is Magical, and you got to be there once to believe it. Right from its people, to its countryside. Mauritius has that calming effect on you.

Some of the Unique things about Mauritius;

1. French is the first language of people with all the major road signage and paper in French, English is the second language

2. Indians or People of Indian origin are the majority people in Mauritius, I found in many places Mauritians to be still following many Indian traditions that even main land Indians have forgotten

3. Sugarcane farming is still the largest business in Mauritius, I guess after tourism

4. Some of the most beautiful beaches and country side you would find in the world

I would not say much and let the picture do the talking for me.As they say, picture speak louder than words.


Beautiful Umbrella Decoration at Mauritius Water Front


Lovely people I met in Mauritius


A Beautiful White Sand Beach Port Louis, Mauritius


View from the Old Fort Hill-Port Louis


Rising Moon from behind the hills, Port Louis-Mauritius( Magical!)


The oldest biryani restaurant in Port Louis with a Safe in built in wall for customers bags:-)

Will always remember. Loved being there.



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