Have you seen the Indonesian Chaiyya Chaiyya Yet?

I am a business traveller, work keeps me away from my family for about 3 weeks a month and when you travel you are faced with new challenges everyday. Even the smallest things that we take for granted become a challenge, a task to be achieved. Starting from your breakfast to communicating a simple thing as getting around the town in a Taxi. It is in these situations that you can also find some of the most interesting people around you.It is in these circumstances that I met one die hard Shahrukh Fan Taxi Driver in down town Jakarta.

Really an Indonesian Chaiyya Chaiyya? yes this was my response when my taxi driver told me about it and to top it, the main lead for this Indonesian Chaiyya Chaiyya was a Policeman. He had the video on his mobile and it brought a smile on my face the moment I saw it.

This video got us started and he talked about mind you in really broken English about his visit to his sister who works in Mumbai and how he went to Shahrukh Khan house just to see if he could catch a glimpse of King Khan. Bollywood breaks the ice more often than not in even countries where language is a problem.

Hope this video brings a smile to your face too!




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