To act or not to act!

To be or not to be! were the lines with which Shakespeare began Hamlet and today, I ask this question again a little tweaked for the times we live in, so here it is my friends, a question that we come across everyday in our life’s- ” To act or not to act”!

Coming daily from home to office;

I come across numerous instances;

where my conscious decides in a split second;

To act or not to act;

Two people were fighting on the road;

A rich brat with a car was beating the daylight of a auto driver;

People were gathered around him to watch the free Indian tamasha;

And, I choose not to act;

As I drove on I passed through an old part of the city;

An area which is full of garbage and people forced to relieve themselves in the open;

I contemplated for a moment to do something about it but finally, I choose not to act;

As I came closer to my office on a traffic light;

A child not more than 10 years old came up to my car;

Looked at me and started begging for some loose change;

Again I contemplated doing something  but again, I choose not to act;

And, finally when I entered office lost in my thoughts;

Ignorant to the quarterly review meeting that lay ahead of me;

Where a few excel sheets and power points define who I am;

I wanted to shout out loud but I choose- not to act!






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