The parameters of measuring success?

What is the parameter of measuring one’s success? I am sure you would have thought about it. I personally, think about it on a daily basis, so much so that I can be very soon be doing a research thesis on the same. If I do a quick sample survey of things that now-a-days define success for people of my generation, the answers are pretty straight forward and simple. Some of the key indicators that make people feel that they have arrived in todays world, going by the updates on my Facebook profile are as follows;

1. Sent On Site( Read First World Countries) by one’s organisation. That definitely means that you have arrived doesn’t it? Earning a salary in USD removes any doubt in anyones mind. What happiness?

2. Going for exotic holidays with your better halves. Bali tops the choice for happiness index 

3. Owning an expensive mobile. If it is a Apple than happiness increases

4. Getting your first car. SUV gives you more happiness

5. Owning a 3 BHK flat in a upmarket society and flaunting it to your relatives. Ohh.. what peace

6. Party every weekend and making sure that you check in with your Instagram pictures live. People should know you are having fun. Don’t they?

But then, as I think about it what happens after we have achieved all of the above. What is the next thing that can give us our next “Kick”? I am sure there are lots of thing that we can keep on fighting for all our life and all of them would give us ephemeral happiness but not eternal. The moment I have one thing, I will start running after the next one. Having happiness around one todays is like running after a mirage that is until we really understand what eternal success means.

And, I am pretty sure it does not mean achieving any of the above. Not for me personally.

Can any of my friends help me in defining the parameters of success which are eternal? Any books, teachers that can help?

Will be really obliged.






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