Udaipur Express!


If someone is to ask me what are my passions, Driving will come a close second to Books for me. I have been driving for more than 12 years now, started way back when I was 18 years old. I have driven to lot of places since then. The most I drove in 1 day was when I drove down from Ahmedabad to Delhi in 15 Hours non stop. I still remember that day, I was in college 2nd year and we needed to visit Gandhidham in Kutch Gujarat for my cousin sister wedding and while coming back we were supposed to return via Ahmedabad. That was the time when we had just bought our new Hyundai Santro and I just loved driving it around.So, when this opportunity came upon me, I was not the one to let it go. Started from Ahmedabad in the morning around 6 and was in Faridabad (Delhi-NCR) by 9 in the evening. One of my most memorable trips.

Since then I have driven to Mussorie, Shimla, Dharmshala, Amritsar, Chandigrah, Nainital and lot of other places. I have even got a UAE driving license and driven to all the 7 emirates in UAE myself, when I was in Dubai for about 3 years.

This year holidays presented me with an opportunity to plan another road trip to Jaipur and Udaipur which is close to 700 Kms from Delhi. I drove down to Udaipur with my wife and it was a pleasure, the road is quite good although the Gurgaon to Jaipur stretch is full of diversions and jams due to the on going construction activity in the area but the route from Jaipur to Udaipur is a dream, take the Jaipur-Kishangarh expressway and you will not know where the miles went by. It was a memorable trip for both me and my wife.

My friends do ask me, what do I love about driving and how I am able to Drive long hours on Indian roads, without getting into long philosophical answers, I can simply answer it from the picture below.This is from a friendly highway restaurant in Rajasthan, I was looking for a Gents toilet but all I got was the one below, although I must say it worked out for me quite well in the end. 😀





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