How do I marry Priyanka Chopra? and many such questions make my day!


There, I was in Magic Carpet School in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia talking about big things to students on how to become successful Doctors, Engineers and Businessmen. At the end of the an hour long session, I asked them did they have any questions for me to take. Lot of traditional questions were asked, What grades to get? What subjects to study? What is the maximum scholarship one can have? You know those routine questions that after 5 years on the job, I have become used to.

But, the best questions are reserved for me from those students who are a little shy to ask questions in front of everyone and come to me personally most of the times. Now, these kind of students generally do not open up easily, take there time to get comfortable and open up. I am writing down some of the best innocent questions that I have taken up from them recently and to be true some of them do fox me too.

1. Sir, How do I become a Rapper?

2. Does India have Mountains?

3. How can I marry a Indian Girl?

4. Will I need to learn a second language to survive in India apart from English?

5. How do I become a Hero in Bollywood?

6. How do I marry Priyanka Chopra/ Salman Khan?

Even though I am not able to answer convincingly some of the above questions. It does bring a smile on my face and everyone in the class itself.:-)

Love you all my beautiful students!




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