Salesmen not Magicians!

rocket singh

Looking for “Self Motivated”, “Result Oriented”, “Target Oriented”,”Self Driven” and the adjectives go any Sales/Business Development profile posting on any of the leading job portals but what remains the same in any of these postings be it from any of the vertical is the underlying message which is “Get us Business”!

Sounds Familiar?

Having worked in Sales/Business Development(BD)/Marketing profile across 25 countries for almost 5 years now. I have got a decent idea now of this field and how a prospective Sales/Business Development professional can differentiate between a genuine Sales/BD profile and a short term Sales/BD profile where your only use to the organisation is to keep your mouth shut and keep the cheques coming month on month. No matter how S****y your product is.I call these kind of profiles “Leeches Profile” where the organisation sucks the blood out of you while replenishing nothing and unfortunately, these days the category of later profiles is dime a dozen after all who does not want a person to join in and get in the money flowing like a magician. A typical conversation in these organisations will go like this with your boss;

Boss: How much is your salary?

You: Boss, X?

Boss: Wow..that is quite decent, So is it wrong if I expect 3X from you in return sales every month??

You: WTF?

Now, the good old boss has logic doesn’t he? But, I have a big problem with this statement where not only being a below the belt shot as it is, your only worth to the organisation is keeping quite and bring in the cheques.If you get to hear this from your seniors, my only suggestion to you is update your resume and start looking for a new role( I have done it personally!) and when you are at it the below learnings from my side should help you out in finding out the right kind of sales profile for you;

How do you differentiate a Awesome Sales/BD Profile from a “Leeches Profile”. The following Key Points should help you decide;

1. A good sales profile will be in a organisation which treats you as a part of a team and not a stand alone person whose only objective is to sell what ever they give you

2. A good organisation will be open to your feedback and inputs. I would go on to that extent that it would value your inputs ahead of anybody else since you are their eyes and ears in the market, the only person who knows the real situation in the market. It would accept its flaws and correct them as things progress

3. A good organisation will give you time to grow and even time to fail. It would not be in a hurry to get the salary figure 3x in return but has a long term view of you as a integral part of the organisation

4. And above all, a good organisation/boss would always trust you and your abilities!

At the end I would like to touch on a very important criteria while choosing a Sales/BD profile which is your reporting boss. Now, a boss in any organisation means everything to a professional but his role become even more imperative in the scenario of a Sales and BD profile.

More on this in my next post.

Wish you a happy job hunting! And, always remember, we are “Salesmen not Magicians!”



Note: I wrote this post originally on my Linked In profile over here:

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