Questions you must ask a University Representative!

Me with the lovely smiles of Indian School, Ibri(Muscat, Oman)

I have been working in Higher Education space for close to 5 years now. Have traveled to more than 25+ countries to counsel parents & students on various higher education courses on offer. It is really interesting how the conversation goes when a prospective applicant comes to me for an inquiry. Most of the time it goes like this;

Q. Do you have blah blah engineering/medicine course?

Q. What is your entry requirement?

Q. What is your Fee?

Q. What is the “Average Salary” offered to your Graduates?

Full Stop Coma. No further questions asked.

So, in order to help my prospective students in being better questioners, I have put a list of question below which I think you must ask any University representative while looking to make your important career decisions;

Q1.) What are the undergraduate programs that you offer?

Q2.) What is the key difference between your University programs and others?

Q3.) Who are the key stake holders in your University? (Founders/ Faculty)

Q4.) How do you prepare your students for Life?

Q5.) Who will be the peers my child will be studying with?

Q6.) How is the life on campus for students?

Q7.) What are the scholarship opportunities available?

Hope this helps!



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