Business as Usual-A Callous Indian!

Indian Army Martyr Salute, Siachen

It was just another day for me as I started my travel from home towards my office. I usually drive but this day was a little different as I had to face the added puzzle of solving whether to take my odd or even car today. I live about 35 Kms from my work place and drive every day.

The puzzle sorted, I tuned into the Radio, listening to some Bollywood/Punjabi music and yes, the usual cribbing of Delhi walas on the local issue of the day. This day like for the past so many days, the cribbing was on Odd/Even Formula with people speaking for or against it and our RJ’s getting their content for the day. So, it was business as usual you can say.

But, then suddenly something happened. One of the RJ from a radio channel talked about the ongoing Indian Army operations in Pathankot and about our soldiers who were martyred in the line of duty. She talked about a Commando who got married only 25 days back, a Commando who has a 2.5 year old daughter and a wife at home and many such stories of our soldiers who have been martyred in the last couple of days in the line of duty. I had been following this news for last couple of days myself in the middle pages of TOI but when she talked about them directly and in the silence of the car, A chill ran down my spine,  just to imagine what their families will be going through now and how we as citizens are so casual about our soldiers who make the supreme sacrifices for us.

No candle light vigils? No Intellectuals talking about them? No Social Media updates? No Prime Time Debates? No Documentaries? It is as if writing about them is not cool.It is as if we have taken them for granted; it is part of their job description, so no need to give special attention or focus to them. Render them to the end pages of a news paper, give them condolence message and then forget about them. Move to the next crisis…

I felt ashamed. I wanted to jump out of my car, shout out loud, run to the battle front…Do something to show that I cared. I could not think of anything, tears came down my eyes, I did not know what to do and then I saw people around me, all of them were running for their daily chores, I could see that I was not the only one who was so callous that even the supreme sacrifices of our soldiers were rendered at not a high priority topic but something bad that had happened in the midst of so many bad things that happen to us Indians every day. The most recent and high priority of those for us is the Odd/Even Formula that is until we move to the next crisis maybe what an actor or actress says and we keep fighting on his views for next 15 days..At the end of the days, we are all Indians who have become a little callous. That is it and nothing much.

Sorry for my grammar, tone and typos. This is a work of my pure emotions.



2 thoughts on “Business as Usual-A Callous Indian!

  1. Hello sir,
    I got to know that you are from IMT, Dubai.
    I will be joining in for the class of 2016.
    Some tips and motivation from you would be great!

    1. Great to hear that. My tip to you is Do not limit yourself only to classrooms, there are two things you are joining here one is IMT and the other is Dubai as a city. Explore & Experience both of them to the fullest. All the best!

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