Should You Join IMT Dubai?


This post is intended to all those of you who have written emails to me in hordes with this very questions- Should I join IMT Dubai?

Well, to be really straight forward to you, as much as I may want to help you, I think I cannot give you a direct answer for that question as the answer for each one of you will differ depending upon your background both professional and personal that is and also your objective in doing an MBA. Still, In this post, I will try to answer this question for all of you based on my own experiences and idea of a B-School.

For me a B-School has three important pillars;

  1. Profile of Students Studying
  2. Profile of Faculty
  3. Placements

So, How does IMT Dubai stack up on each of those pillars;

1. Profile of Student Studying – I think IMT Dubai is an Indian Institute in Dubai that means almost all of the students joining it are coming from different cities in India. At least that was the case during my time(2008-2010) and I am assuming that is the case today also, so you do not have an International Classroom what you do have is a completely Indian Classroom in Dubai. On an average over the last few years, I think there are about 60-70 students in an MBA class at IMT Dubai

2. Profile of Faculty- Faculty plays a very very important role in any MBA program, at IMT Dubai most of the faculty again are Indians with a minority of them from outside India which in turn keeps the Indianess alive in the campus

3. Placements- One of the most important & first question that comes to any aspirants mind is the golden word placements. In IMT Dubai what will get you placements will be your hard work done in those 2 years of MBA program,you can’t just expect a placement having only topped your class room for 2 years in IMT Dubai and done nothing else.For you to get a placement in IMT Dubai, you need to be a kind of all rounder, somebody who balances his/her academics with internships/company projects, whatever opportunity of exposure comes you to experience Dubai and yes, not a lot of students start on big fat salaries, many start small but surely, after couple of years of experience in the local market establish themselves( I think if you are studying @ IMT Dubai  you should work on a time frame of 2+2, which 2 years for MBA and then 2 years to establish yourself in local market)

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

1. Can I get placement in India through IMT Ghaziabad if I study in IMT Dubai?- No

2. Is Investing a Huge Some of Money in MBA at IMT Dubai a good idea for me?– I cannot take a decision for you, please do the maths, see from my inputs above if you think it will be a good idea for yourself, each of you is in a different phase of  your life. So think and decide accordingly

3. Can you vouch for IMT Dubai?– What kind of question is this?

4. How was your experience in IMT Dubai?– My experience in IMT Dubai was phenomenal, I made the most of my 2years  in IMT Dubai, I experienced my best college life in IMT Dubai, Did internships, organised lot of campus events, made lot of good friends, studied and experienced Dubai, all in those 2 years and I think those were one of the best 2 years of my life but then that was me in a different time and in a different economic scenario all together, you need to take a call yourself. Please do not go by my experience alone. Talk to lot of current students, alumni and find out their                        experiences too

 5. You advice to students joining IMT Dubai?– Always remember you are joining two things IMT & Dubai city. You need to experience & accept both and only then you will succeed

Hope this clarifies all of your questions. Wish you all the best!



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