Lessons on Marketing of Services from Santosh ji Puncture Wale

All the students and practitioners of Marketing will know this definition of a Service by heart now:

“A Service is any act or performance one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in ownership of anything.”

Now, this definition is not Rocket Science nor it is a prerequisite for a person to have read a course on Marketing 101 to offer real service to his clients. The case in point is my friendly neighborhood puncture wale uncle. From the moment you approach him with a problem to the moment you finally leave his shop with your problem resolved, you have one feeling which is confidence in his abilities and confidence in the value for money that he is offering to you with his services. So, how does he do it?

1.  His shop is neat and clean- Well Organised with tools while he himself is nicely                dressed no matter even if he is sitting at a road side make shift shop with dust all                  around him( Physical Evidence of an excellent service provider-Tangibles)

2.  He knows how to entertain his customers in Queue- Being the sole proprietor and              employee in his business managing the customer queue can be a issue and he cannot            offer free WiFi to people in waiting so what does he do?-Share interesting gossips                  from around the locality-Works for most Customers (Complementary Services-                      Responsiveness)

3. He takes interests in each of his customers problem- Be it a cycle or a BMW: For               him each customer is important and he takes deep interest in understanding your                 problem and explains you the solution he is taking to remedy the same no matter                   how big or small the fee you pay for it ( Customer Co production in Service Delivery-             Empathy)

4. Gives you advice on best practices on upkeep of your vehicle Tyre’s (Subject                           Expert- Reliability)

5. Value for Money – And, what ever he charges you at the end of providing his service             is as per market rate. No overcharging. No fleecing of customers. You have full trust             on him for the fee that he is charging you and you are happy to pay it( Service                           Excellence- Assurance/Reliability)

6. And, Most important of all- He provides his Service with a SMILE!

Every time I visit him, I am impressed by his enthusiasm and sincerity at work and           think in a more developed economy and in different times, he may have had a big Tyre   showroom of his own. He has all the qualities for the same- He loves what he is doing and for me he is not just a Tyre Puncture guy he is an Artist at work who even without knowing the Service Quality Model below is doing quite well for himself and his business!









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