With great economic growth comes basic civic responsibilities- Are we ready?


We all feel proud when the name India comes in news for all the right reasons- Like the successful launch of 100+ satellites by ISRO, The good economic growth figures for the next couple of years and so on.. Positive news makes us feel happy and good about being an Indian and keeps our hope alive that we as a country are on the path of great economic growth and taking our position in the world leading economies and countries.

But, then in the midst of all this we do get a shameful news like this where African students in a suburb of Delhi are beaten black and blue, racially abused so much that they have to run and hide away from any Indian’s in sight just to ensure their safety. This is just not only disappointing but also shameful to say the least. Not only this kind of behavior socially, morally, culturally not acceptable it is down right inhuman and despicable.

We all want India to be the next super power but I believe we as Indians also need to introspect and understand on what it is like to be living in a high growth global economy or the next superpower which due to it’s economic heft and opportunities will attract people from all over the world to have better skills & better life’s. We need to answer those questions on what it is like to be a part of a new India that will attract people from all walks and cultures because if we do not answer these questions I am afraid we will have many such shameful incidences where our heads will have to hang in shame.

And, all your questions will lead to only one answer- We as Indian’s need to follow our basic civic duties which I think are forgotten quite easily. I hope, being human , being civilized is not too big an ask for us to have the India of our dreams. Right?

I am sorry my African brothers that you had to go through this cycle of madness again.

Hope sanity prevails!




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