Envy my International Travel List? Read on for a Smile!:-)

I have been lucky enough to have got an opportunity to travel across to 35 countries for work & pleasure. Even today, I travel almost 2 weeks a month from Asia to Africa to North America. The list of the countries that I have traveled to can be a tad long but it makes for a very attractive read and makes lot of my friends & acquaintances jealous. It is quite normal for people to come over to me and compare me to Ranbir Kapoor of Yeh Jawani hai Diwani(Bollywood Hot Movie) and particularly to the below song;


While, I appreciate their generosity and kindness- to tell you the truth sometimes during my travels the song that I can best relate to is the below one;


Hope it brought a smile on your face!:-)




Why I love Calvin & Hobbes??

Calvin and Hobbes is what I turn to remember that there is more to life even when things do not go my way. Nothing beats the simplicity and the energy with which Calvin questions our hypocrisy, ignorance and selfishness of the things we as human beings do in Life. He brings about a fresh air of excitement & positive energy to sometimes dull and challenging world around me.

I discovered Calvin late in my life, I think I was about 24 years old when I had my first encounter with him and I guess it was love at first sight. I never felt I am too old to read Calvin, it just sounded so relevant to me and my life. The witty humor with which Calvin handled and questioned most of the things around him not only made me laugh but also think on those issues-Why we are supposed to do certain things because everyone else around us is doing it and they say it is the right and only thing to do?

I felt a deep urge as to say, where were you all those years? Why did not I check up on you in my school library? I guess the feeling was similar to when you meet a long forgotten friend after many years, strong emotions with a promise that I will never let you go anywhere again:-)

I have so many of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes strips that I seem to have lost count but I certainly love his take on education system & the objective of our life’s. I am sure it took a fantastic cartoonist in Mr. Bill Watterson to bring Calvin and Hobbes to life on paper but even more impressive is his play with words to communicate his views on such complex topics of our life’s in such lucid and engaging fashion that you cannot but relate to it no matter what your age group or from which country you come from.

I think the below video essay also beautifully summarizes why Calvin and Hobbes have been so loved over the years and why they are as relevant today as they were when they first came along.


I could not resist writing my viewpoint on Calvin and Hobbes after seeing this short video and I hope you will like it too. Thank you to Ananth Padmanabhan who first tweeted about this video link early morning today providing me the motivation to write this piece in the first place. The video is done by KaptainKristian and it appeared  over here on Slate.

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[Just for Laugh]A True Mail from a Over Worked HR Recruiter


Just got the below mail in my inbox, an opening in a Real ‘Eatate’ company in Noida. God Knows what “Eatate” means?but mail is Worth a Laugh.:-)

Job Title: opening for real eatate company

must have good convencing power
ability to team leader.
good marketing knowledge

Qualification_;- 12th and graduation.
Location:- Noida
Salary:- Negosiate
Good incentive

Call on

Are you brave enough to apply for this one?



Have you seen the Indonesian Chaiyya Chaiyya Yet?

I am a business traveller, work keeps me away from my family for about 3 weeks a month and when you travel you are faced with new challenges everyday. Even the smallest things that we take for granted become a challenge, a task to be achieved. Starting from your breakfast to communicating a simple thing as getting around the town in a Taxi. It is in these situations that you can also find some of the most interesting people around you.It is in these circumstances that I met one die hard Shahrukh Fan Taxi Driver in down town Jakarta.

Really an Indonesian Chaiyya Chaiyya? yes this was my response when my taxi driver told me about it and to top it, the main lead for this Indonesian Chaiyya Chaiyya was a Policeman. He had the video on his mobile and it brought a smile on my face the moment I saw it.

This video got us started and he talked about mind you in really broken English about his visit to his sister who works in Mumbai and how he went to Shahrukh Khan house just to see if he could catch a glimpse of King Khan. Bollywood breaks the ice more often than not in even countries where language is a problem.

Hope this video brings a smile to your face too!



When I do not leave for Job in the morning!


We all have a nosy Mrs. Jalota as a neighbour don’t we? No? Ohh come on, I am sure, you have one too may be just the name will be different, we have them all across India, they are easily available across our neighbourhoods, be it Bandra or NFC. you may not for once find a milk booth in a locality but you are sure to find a true copy of Mrs. Jalota.

She is the one that brings spice to our life, motivates us daily by taunting us of our inability to compete with the elusive Sharma Ji’s son, you may hate her,you may love her, but you just cannot ignore her. She is the wikipedia of any society or neighbourhood, tracking each and every move of any living thing in her vicinity and spreading the news far and wide. Birthdays,anniversaries, new purchases, couple fights,none can evade the omnipresent eyes of Mrs. Jalota.

And, like any top investigative agency, she is ruthless in her pursuit of signs and sudden changes in patterns( Dan Brown?). So, it was not surprising, long before, Mrs. Jalota came calling on my doors. This is how my conversation went with her;

My Encounter:

Me giving water to plants in my garden on a Monday Morning, seeing Mrs. Jalota coming down the road, wants to run inside the house to evade her but too late for that now.

Me: Hello Aunty!( Gayee bhains panee mai!)

Mrs. Jalota: Ohh, hello hello beta, how are you? long time no see? where have you been? heard you came back from Dubai? Why? What are you doing now? I heard you were in Gurgaon? Is it true? Why are you at home on a Monday in the morning?

Me: Flabbergasted and thinking which question to pick up first? ( The lady already knows everything about me!)Yes, aunty, have come back and am looking for a right opportunity.

Mrs. Jalota: ‘looking for an opportunity??’, arey beta, why did you leave Dubai in the first place? Mr. Sharma’s son is already in US for last 3 years, has bought his own flat in Gurgaon, he took his wife also along, Mr. Sharma is going for holidays to US soon, you should not have left Satyam in the first place, Engineering to MBA, why? and so on…..for next 15 minutes, before I manage to chip in…

Me: Aunty,sorry but I have to go to meet a friend( Please God!)

Mrs. Jalota: Friend? which friend will meet you now on a Monday morning beta?

Me: He works from home aunty, IT Engineer.

Mrs. Jalota: Wow, earning money, sitting at home, see, I told you IT rocks! (Now this is called rubbing it in!)

Me: For sure aunty! Thank you for advice! (Runs for life!)

And, post this discussion, Mrs. Jalota declared me as a slightly, dis-oriented person, who does not follow the rules laid down by her, wants to do something, for which he is passionate about, even if that means, waiting for the right opportunity for a bit.

I love you Mrs. Jalota but that is until you train your guns at me!

An appeal to my readers, 

Guys you can help too!

If, you would like to save me the nightmare of facing up to Mrs. Jalota without a job next time around, kindly click on the picture above, I have linked it to my Linked in page, where in you can find my detailed profile.I am digital marketing professional currently looking for an opportunity in the same.I would be interested in anything to do with social media marketing, orm, content generation, social media strategy, seo, powerpoint and business development.I know you love me, the time has come for some of you to show it to me:P

Any, help/reference would be highly appreciated and remembered!:-)

Thank you for your time, I know, you will help in putting up a better face in front of Mrs. Jalota next time around.



Chalo Social Media Karte Hai!

Selling the concept of Social Media to Senior Management in some of the Mid-Level Indian Organizations happens like the below conversation.

Me: Sir, you are really lagging behind in your engagement on Social Media Platforms!

Client:Kya baat kar rahe ho? We have Facebook/Blog aur woh kya kehte hai use..,.Tweeteeer!

Me:Sir, you do not do Social Media, just by having respective pages!

Client: Arey, we have one of our staff daily updating all the pages,with what is happening in the organization!

Me:Sir, that is not Social Media, that is called as “Broadcasting”! 

Client: How come, we had also hired one social media agency,they got us 5000 likes on our page in 3 months, gave us 100 leads and we also converted one of them,beautiful job they did and they even shot a video of mine, which they uploaded on youtube for us free of cost! Can you beat that?

Me: No Sir, not in my wildest dreams!

Social Media, is one of the most promising medium for reaching out to your segment and starting a conversation with them, unfortunately,it  is also one of the most misunderstood too, with most of the people in decision making positions, having no knowledge about what this medium is all about?, What to expect from it? and How to make the most of it?. Add to this mix, large number of zero knowledge social media agencies, who are just in it to make money, they have a straight forward business model of taking in business from these managers, hiring low cost resources,establishing the social media presence for the client, buying a certain number of likes on pages, broadcasting the clients sales pitch and finally giving in a few leads to the clients to show them their effectiveness.

This nexus results in a win win situation for the manager, he can say that he is doing Social Media to his top bosses and the agency, well it has the moolah to take home, the only looser in this whole game is the Brand and yes, we the social media community.

Gets on to my nerves!


Source for the above Child image :http://transparentwithmyself.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/happy-excited-cant-sleep/

10 Rupaye Ke Note Pe,Pyar Ki Talaash!:D

We Indian’s are people of love aren’t we?, from the days of Hir Ranjha to DDLJ, we have always looked for love in everything we do.Being brought up on a heavy doze of Romantic Yash Raj films, we are mentally prepared for believing in stories of love and sacrifice from around the country, but, even then, I was not prepared for what I came across on a Toll Plaza in Delhi, just have a look below at the 10 Rs note through which our Hero is searching for his true love, in truly filmy style!


I for one am totally bowled over, by the innovative idea and believe in destiny that Mr. Sunny has displayed. Only an Indian Aashiq could have come up with this.

May Sunny, find Pooja(Jannu), I would play my part by promptly circulating this note ahead and also update the Internet!

Who says, we do not find true love these days!

Happens only in India!:P