How NOT to choose a Private University in India!



If you are a student who has just finished writing your grade 12 exams in India or If you are a parent of a student who has just finished writing his/her grade 12 exams in India. This post is for both of you.

As the race to enter India’s premier state funded well known institutions becomes more competitive  read CRAZY every year. We now have a very substantial population of students who have to look for a place in the numerous Private Universities mushrooming across the country and as you begin the process of shortlisting some of these Universities as prospective places where your children can devote next 3-4 years of their life and you can invest a substantial part of your hard earned financial resources, I thought, it will be prudent if I could share a few points on how you should NOT shortlist a prospective private University and If any of the below points is true in a University case, my advice to you is simple- BOLT just run away from that choice and look for better motivations to join a University in first place.

1. I can join this University because ” It is near to my house and 4 years is a long time to spend away from home”

2. I can join this University because ” It has a beautiful campus with a swimming pool in it”

3. I can join this University because ” This is the place for Film Stars to promote their movies and they come at least twice every year!”

4. I can join this University because ” The crowd in the University is really Hip!”

5. I can join this University because Some of the Private  “Leading” Business Magazine Rankings put this Uni in its Top 10 List!”

6. I can join this University because ” The AVERAGE placement figures of its graduates are really good!”

7. I can join this University because ” They have a really good 10 days International Exchange Program to Singapore!” (Read International Holiday)

And, the worst of all;

8. I can join this University because ” Hey, couple of my friends are joining the same and both of them sound smarter than me!”

Choosing a University is a life time decision and it is a time consuming process with no one strategy that fits all but still, If you are choosing a University because of any of the above reasons. Think Again and ask for help with a good career counselor in your city!

I will follow up this post with points on “How to Choose a Private University” soon.

Wish you all the best!



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The parameters of measuring success?

What is the parameter of measuring one’s success? I am sure you would have thought about it. I personally, think about it on a daily basis, so much so that I can be very soon be doing a research thesis on the same. If I do a quick sample survey of things that now-a-days define success for people of my generation, the answers are pretty straight forward and simple. Some of the key indicators that make people feel that they have arrived in todays world, going by the updates on my Facebook profile are as follows;

1. Sent On Site( Read First World Countries) by one’s organisation. That definitely means that you have arrived doesn’t it? Earning a salary in USD removes any doubt in anyones mind. What happiness?

2. Going for exotic holidays with your better halves. Bali tops the choice for happiness index 

3. Owning an expensive mobile. If it is a Apple than happiness increases

4. Getting your first car. SUV gives you more happiness

5. Owning a 3 BHK flat in a upmarket society and flaunting it to your relatives. Ohh.. what peace

6. Party every weekend and making sure that you check in with your Instagram pictures live. People should know you are having fun. Don’t they?

But then, as I think about it what happens after we have achieved all of the above. What is the next thing that can give us our next “Kick”? I am sure there are lots of thing that we can keep on fighting for all our life and all of them would give us ephemeral happiness but not eternal. The moment I have one thing, I will start running after the next one. Having happiness around one todays is like running after a mirage that is until we really understand what eternal success means.

And, I am pretty sure it does not mean achieving any of the above. Not for me personally.

Can any of my friends help me in defining the parameters of success which are eternal? Any books, teachers that can help?

Will be really obliged.





This is My Life-Some Glimpses from my Constant Travel!

This is what I do to earn my lively hood and make my career. Below are some of the glimpses from my life as a International Marketing Manager for Apeejay Stya University, Delhi-NCR. Constant Traveling can be a bit tough but these wonderful people keep me going.:-)


Meeting National Scholars of Mongolia in Ulanbator!



My Team in UB, Mongolia!


My Wonderful partner and Friend in UB!


The Lovely People of Namaste India Restaurant in UB, Mongolia


Lovely and Old Monastery in UB, Mongolia

Dorjee, A Gem of a person with me in UB, Mongolia


Selfie at White Sand Beach, Maldives


Do I speak more? Maldives!


My Wonderful Friends in Accra, Ghana!

And, By God’s grace story continues!










My Time in Nigeria!



I got an opportunity to visit Nigeria lately, following are the five things I learnt about the country and its people;

1. Nigerians love and respect Indians. Perhaps this was one of the few countries I have visited where people actually look up to Indians and welcome them with open arms.

2. Really nice and down to earth people. Now, I know, we get to hear lot of stuff about Nigerians for all the wrong reasons but trust me once you meet them you will have a change of opinion, they are really good people with a heart of gold. Always ready to help and a smile on their face.

3. If you are a vegetarian, you will face a issue and will have to survive on noodles. The only option in food generally available are Chicken or Beef.

4. They value education-Just like Indian parents, Nigerians too have started to realise value of education and are ready to do anything for their child to be given a good education.

5. You will have a tough time finding fresh flowers in Nigeria. We tried it but just could not find one.

Thank you Nigeria for the amazing hospitality and memories.




Torn between my mind and the heart,

Between sorrow and bliss,

Lies the present state of my mind;

This uneasiness which comes with not knowing what you want to achieve;

The pain, the suffocation and anxiety;

All stuffed in a room full of dullness and moribund;

Along with me. Not sure of what to do,

Not sure where to go.

A thousand dreams in my heart;

Yet, mind does not know the way;

This stillness makes me insane.

So many feats to achieve, so much to live up to,

How could I end up like this?

How could I not see?

But, not for long my friend;

As, I refuse to be fettered away,

The time for breaking the shackles will be arriving;

And,I hope, my Lord will bless me once again.


Phir Milenge Dubai!

“Phir Milenge Dubai!”, This was the very thought with which I left the shores of a city close to my heart, a city that has given me so much, my very own Dubai.

I am back home now, after resigning from my job at IMT. That point had come in my career where I had to take a call, on one hand was a known quantity in the shape of my Job in IMT, in which I was now comfortably settled, doing a good job at it( My apologies for being a bit boisterous here!) and on the other hand was an unknown opportunity in the shape of a career in Social Media and Communications, something which I have always wanted to do but didn’t really get a good opportunity to enter earlier.

Luckily for me I got that opportunity now, in the form of Windchimes Communications (, The role of a Business Development guy in the fast evolving Digital Media field really enticed me and after a lot of deliberations, I decided to take the plunge for it. Another big advantage for me was that, the opportunity was in my hometown of Delhi and thus gave me an opportunity to stay with my family, whom I missed so badly in Dubai.

For all of my juniors, I have this one piece of advice, there is always a trade off in anything you do in Life and It is always up to an individual to take a call depending upon the priorities one has. Now, some of you would say, I should have stayed back in Dubai and carried on with my Job in IMT, after all, I was good at it, was not really a pressure job and I had developed my comfort zone, sensible choice right? but then I would say, If I would have stayed back I would have lost an opportunity to enter a field that I so love, It may be challenging for me in the beginning couple of months but then If I can make it through them, I would be a much more satisfied person and grown professionally too.

In the end what matters is your personal satisfaction and growth, Doesn’t it?

So here I am, New Horizons now, New Opportunities, New Learnings in a New Field, the start of a fresh new innings with Windchimes Communications!

God Bless!

Until then, I will have to say, Phir Milenge Dubai!:-)



Management Lessons from Lord Vishnu !

Nobody is going to change the world for you; you have to change if you wish to grow. Unfortunately change is scary; we would rather be secure, stable and stagnant. Unless there is fear (bhaya), there is no hunger (bhook); unless there is sacrifice (bali), there is no food (bhog); and every sacrifice will come a consequence (karma) that you have to be willing to bear.

This piece of article on ET is worth every word in Gold: