Before jumping into the heavy stuff I wanted to give you a brief very informal introduction. My name is Martha and although I am quite new to this blog, and truth be told, any blog (other than my trashy Tumblr circa 2011 of which I’m a proud gatekeeper), I am excited to be here.

Just a bit of me: I am a photographer, a passable yogi, and intense reader of all things fiction. I live in Colorado with my partner Chase and absolutely perfect-in-every-way dog Gina who I would do anything for.

I’m a mid-20 something with a past of mental health issues that has followed me from adolescence into adulthood. COVID has wrought a new kind of depression and anxiety for me that likely has as much to do with the world health crisis as the last year has sprung me into adult responsibilities.

In the past year I graduated from university after 5 years in school, clinging to hopes for a career in art. I was ultimately left to look for a job in a declining economy and had few options, but eventually landed a temp office job turned permanent. My “day” job as I refer to it when with my art friends is the absolute farthest thing from my hopes and dreams of being an artist. It puts bread on the table and allows us some comforts throughout economic hardship and political disruption, providing a sense of safety (and health insurance!). Nonetheless, I try to make time for my passions out of those 40+ hour weeks.

I hope I can provide some semblance of advice on balancing work and life, as I truly believe those need to be very separate things. I want to navigate the hardships of being a creative mind with various roadblocks to the actual act of creation. As someone with a history of mental health and partner of someone who experiences issues, I also want discuss anxiety and depression in this space where I hope you feel comfortable to listen and share your thoughts as well.

See you soon!

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