With Love- To all my Grade 12 Parents!




Tomorrow, is Grade 12 results for CBSE students in India. Tomorrow, is a day when many of the students I have met the year long will be finally getting their results of all the hard work that they have put in the year. I must also mention here the parents who are eagerly looking forward to tomorrow and in some cases their level of stress and anxiety is more than that of the kids themselves-Big day right?

Tomorrow, is also, the day when new achievers will be named and celebrated- District Toppers, School Toppers, State Toppers and National Toppers. These top 1% students will be covered in Media, Feted by their respective Schools, Teachers and even Government. Kudos to you and must say well deserved. I am sure your parents/families will be really proud of you.

If you do the maths close to 1 Million students have written the CBSE exam this year out of which only Top 1% will be celebrated which means some where around 10,000 of them. These Top 1% would have their life/career paths set and future already secured in some of the countries best colleges but my concern lies with what happens with the balance 9,90,000 students who may be branded as failures by not only the people around them but sadly in many cases by themselves because the moment the students do not get the correct percentile right to the correct decimal places- the student start questioning themselves- Am I good enough? Am I made for the field I really think I am good in?

I had this student with me last year who had given his grade 12 exam in Sciences and wanted to be an Engineer. Full of life and energy- Really creative and a good writer. Give him a 1000 word essay to write and he would come up with one of the best ones in the class and although, I could clearly see that,  his strengths lay in a creative field but he still wanted to be an engineer- not because he wanted to be one but because his “Parents” wanted it for him. Sounds familiar? Result- Disappointment. His science result was average and not the one, that could get him a seat in one of the good engineering colleges. So he opted for the second option- doing a science degree from one of the regional colleges. Result- again disappointment & heart burn. 

The family reached out to me and requested me for a counseling of the student- what I told them left them a little shocked- I said, leave the student- I want to counsel you first!

-to be followed.



Karva Chauth-Only Women Can do It!

I am in bed, deep in sleep;

and, she is already getting ready for the day ahead;

My sleep breaks and I call out her name;

What is it? Why are you up so early?

she smiles and answers back;

Its my day remember;

and then, I remember, surely its her day;

she will get up at 4 AM in the morning;

get all dressed up, look at the stars;

say a little prayer, have little food;

and, go hungry the whole day ahead;

Not for herself but for ME.

it is Karwa Chauth; the Indian festival of Women;

who go hungry the whole day, not for themselves;

but for their husbands;

It’s a Man’s World they say;

but some how I feel, it is only because;

these selfless Women have given us that right;

we owe it to them, to love them right;

and, give them wings to fly;

their is no way in the world that a man can repay;

what a women does for him;

the least he can do is give her the same selfless love;

and, happiness for life.

Wishing all the women a very happy Karva Chauth and saluting their spirit for being so selfless in their love and dedication.

A very special Karva Chauth wishes to my Wife, Mom and Sister, whom I have seen so closely and who have indebted me with their selfless love for life.

God Bless!


Source for the above picture: http://indiawires.com/2942/gallery/karwa-chauth-the-most-romantic-festival-in-india/