X=X/2 or X=2X? What is your Equation of Success?

This post is a continuation of my previous post “With love- to all my Grade 12 parents”

I have already shared with you the story of the boy who was forced to choose science by his parents even though his interest lay in another field which definitely was not science but he was not able to point out what he actually wanted to do in life.

I gave him and his parents the following simple equation for choosing careers;

X= X/2

X= 2X

Where X is the amount of efforts you put in a subject.

I asked the boy to apply this equation to some of the subjects he is studying in his class as of now and analyze the results. This is what he came up with;

Subject Effort Return
English X 2X
Maths 2X X/2 or even X/4
Science 2X X
History X 2X

You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to analyze the above the data- do you? 

When I discussed the above table with the boy the following highlights came up;

  1. The boy loved studying English & History and he said the results he got in English and History were always double of the efforts he put in
  2. The boy was okay in Maths & Science and was even putting extra efforts in the same subjects but the results he was getting were either half or less than half of the efforts that he was putting in

Then, I came up to the next important question for him & his parents when you could clearly see the equation of success pointing towards his aptitude being for either English or History- why were they not pursuing it?

And, I got an answer that left me a little disappointed but not shocked. What was it?

To be followed!


What to Win!

You have to win in order to survive this big bad world said the teacher to his class;

What he did not tell them was, what to do if you do not win the first time around!

What he did not tell them was, how winning can take its own time coming;

Or, What one should do If You do not get what one wants the first time around;

More importantly, what he forgot to tell them was, What should one aim for to win in Life!

How to set the priorities right and how to go about achieving it.

We live in a big bad world but that world can be made simpler if Only we know,

What We want from it!



No Where to Go!


Here I am..All ready and set with no where to go!

I get dressed up every morning;

Full of Positive thoughts and a bit of my favorite cologne;

Wish my Mom Good Bye with my Lunch in my Hand;

Push on the ignition in my car;

Drive it out of my garage and on to the road;

I am full of dreams but the moment I hit the road;

A realization comes up fast;

I have No Where to Go!

What?? How Could do this happen to me?

An MBA with so much to Achieve and so much to Do!

and you say, I have No Where to go?

Double Check please God, I am sure you are mistaken;

I have Everywhere to go and Everything to Achieve;

The Only thing is that, I may have to look a little Farther;

and, I will have the Sky to Go!:-)


Source for the Above Picture: http://www.kaleoministries.co.za/lostness/