Hi, and welcome to the very first ever blog post on here. Crazy! I figured I should probably tell you why you’re on this website, who I am, and what our goals are with the Staying Insane brand. Let’s jump into this –

About Staying Insane –

Staying Insane was originally created as a podcast devoted to who knows what. My best friend Brandon and I didn’t have a really solid plan going into it other than: 1. We wanted to make a podcast, and 2. We were really inspired by Your Mom’s House Podcast hosted by Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky (shout out to those two, but they’ll probably never see this anyways). The podcast went pretty well…no it wasn’t getting thousands and thousands of downloads everyday, but we had a decent time doing it. We even built a studio so we could start recording video versions to post on YouTube to increase our viewership. However, as life usually does, we both got busy. I fell into a full-time job to pay the bills and Brandon wasn’t able to come over thanks to COVID-19. The podcast came to a halt and we were left trying to figure out where to go next.

I tried brainstorming new ideas for the podcast like scary story reads, meme reviews, and reaction videos, but none of those ideas ever came to fruition. I’ve had personal dealings with Anxiety and Depression since roughly 8th or 9th grade, although at those times I never even realized it…or acknowledged it, one or the other. I’ll get more into that in just a minute, but that’s what inspired the light bulb that went off a couple days back: Why not use your personal experience, struggles, and lessons relating to your mental health issues to help someone else?

Boom. Then the Staying Insane Blog was created. The goal of this blog is to provide a space where anyone is welcome, those who have mental health diagnoses and need a place to feel like home, those who don’t know much about mental health and want to learn more, or anyone interested in the mental health subject. This place is for you. We hope that once we start forging a community on this website that we can create more interaction and possibly share other’s stories, advice, and skills they’ve learned to cope with their diagnoses. That’s that! Welcome to the family!

About Me and Challenges With Anxiety and Depression-

Hi there, I’m Chase. I was born and raised in Colorado and still currently reside here in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Land. I’m a pretty regular guy who grew up enjoying skiing, being outdoors, and making stupid YouTube videos with the dream of finding some semblance of success in the all too competitive market that is content creation. My background is mainly in healthcare up to this point. I’ve been a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, for about 5 years and went on to obtain my associates degree in applied science in an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program. I ended up having a rough time finding a job as an OTA and ultimately had to stick with being a CNA. I’ve spent well over half of my life caring for people, however, from my childhood neighbor with special needs, to the absurd amount of animals I grew up with, and to the residents I care for today. I’ve always had a passion for helping others.

A passion for helping others has high rewards, but also a huge amount of room for burn-out and forgetting to take care of yourself. And as the famous healthcare quote goes – You’ve Got To Take Care Of Yourself Before You Take Care Of Others. As cheesy and repetitive as it is, it is so damn true. I developed mental health issues, as I said, back in 8th or 9th grade and they became incredibly severe during my time at college. Severe enough that I had to seek out professional help for myself, and so for a little under a year I was put on medication after medication (I’m not knocking medications here people!) to find the right combo that would not only cause the least amount of side effects, but also would provide the highest amount of relief for all the symptoms I was facing. You can listen to a podcast episode of it here. Until recently I was another lost soul in the rat race, unsure of what in the world I wanted to do. Finally, it hit me – why not combine the two things I’m best at, helping people and feeling depressed? Kidding…but really though why not help other’s with their mental health journeys and create and everlasting community along the way. Here we are!

Hopefully that gave you a decent overview of what ‘Staying Insane’ is and who I am as well. I can’t wait to grow this community, hear your stories and tribulations regarding mental health, and hopefully (fingers crossed) change someone’s life one day – or at least provide knowledge that provides them with relief where they need it.

Thanks for reading!

-Chase Howard


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